Jaw dropping new video of St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee

St. Stanislaus Tour from Cream City Catholic on Vimeo.

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EF Mass in Detroit for Beatification of Ven. Solanus Casey July 23

There will be a special High Mass in the Extraordinary Form in honor of the beatification of Ven. Solanus Casey this Sunday, July 23, at 2:00 pm at one of Detroit’s grandest historic churches, Most Holy Redeemer. The celebrant will be Fr Ben Luedtke, locally known for his preaching and retreats; a reception will follow the Mass in the parish hall. The church is located at 1721 Junction Street.
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Satanic monument in city park a really bad idea, Minn. Catholics say

St. Paul, Minn., Jul 18, 2017 / 12:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A proposed Satanic monument in a city-run veterans’ park has drawn strong opposition from Catholics in Minnesota, who have led prayer rallies and spoken before the Belle Plaine City Council.

Susie Collins was among the attendees of a rosary rally in Belle Plaine’s Veterans Memorial Park to oppose the monument. She told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the monument “is not the message of life and love, it is the message of death and decay.” Other critics of the monument waved signs urging passersby to reject Satan. Several dozen people attended the rally, in a city with a population of about 7,000.

The Satanic Temple, based in Salem, Mass., had proposed to place its own monument in the city park. The monument, a black cube inscribed with pentagrams with an upside-down soldier’s helmet on top, was approved by the city. In May city officials said that the application for the monument met the criteria of city policy. It has not yet been installed.
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Asked about Trump, Cardinal Cupich says 'we get the leaders we deserve'

What does Cardinal Blase Cupich think about America's "crisis of leadership?"

And what can we do to encourage our "national leaders to govern with humility and a love of humanity?"

His eminence is glad you asked!

"We are a democracy, and we get the leaders we deserve because we elect them," Cupich said, diplomatically, during a question-and-answer session at the City Club of Chicago Monday.
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Well that's not a very nice way to talk about Pope Francis!  But yes, the cardinal-electors get what they deserve.

Land O’Lakes 50 Years Later: How the Statement Affected Academia

It was meant to modernize universities and carry out the vision of the Second Vatican Council, but the “Land O’Lakes Statement,” released 50 years ago July 23, has instead contributed to a range of unintended consequences, including a loss of their distinctive identity for many of the top institutions of Catholic higher education.

“On the one hand, in many respects, Catholic universities are better than ever in terms of financial resources, scholarly productivity and the beauty of campuses. On the other hand, Catholic identity in terms of faculty, students and commitment to the liberal arts continues to weaken,” said Christopher Kaczor, a professor of philosophy at Loyola Marymount University.

The often-criticized statement was formulated during a period when many Catholic academics were bridling against the conception that Catholic universities must serve as beacons of fidelity.
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Public Hearing on Bill Prohibiting UW Employees from Performing Abortions

via Pro-Life WI

State Representative André Jacque (R-De Pere) and State Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) have introduced companion legislation (Assembly Bill 206 / Senate Bill 154) that would prohibit both UW System and UW Hospital & Clinics Authority employees from performing or assisting in the performance of abortions while in the scope of their employment.

Assembly Bill 206/Senate Bill 154 would effectively end UW medical resident abortion training and UW faculty performance of abortions at the Madison Planned Parenthood abortion facility, a grisly arrangement that stains the reputation of Wisconsin’s public university system and flagship hospital.

The Assembly Science and Technology Committee will hold a public hearing on AB 206 tomorrow Tuesday, July 18 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 417 North (GAR Hall) of the State Capitol.

Pro-Life Wisconsin Legislative Director Matt Sande will testify in support of AB 206. Cynthia Jones-Nosacek, MD and James Linn, MD, president and vice-president of the Milwaukee Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, respectively, will also testify in support of AB 206.

Cardinal Cupich dedicates memorial and blesses burial of 24 unborn and 80 poor people

A monument for the indigent, unknown and unborn buried in Cook County was unveiled Thursday afternoon at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Mount Greenwood.

A blessing of the monument placed in the southeast corner of the Catholic Cemetery at 2755 W. 111th St. was paired with the burial of five unidentified people, 24 unborn children and the cremated remains of 80 poor people.

Cardinal Blase Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, sprinkled holy water on the marker and pointed to the words of Pope Francis, saying that providing a final resting place for those often overlooked by society is an act of mercy.

"Even though at times we don't include people at the table of life and we try to overcome that, surely in death we shouldn't be alone," said Cupich, who agreed to provide the burial space at the request of Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle.
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Fanatic Friday: Tear Down The House Edition

Tear Down The House (Live on Letterman) (Official Video, Live) by The Avett Brothers on VEVO.

CH: American Catholicism is being poisoned by factionalism

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, a new leader for liberal American Catholics (CNS photo/Tom Tracy)
Liberals have found a new leader in Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington DC. The bishops’ conference is still dominated by conservatives, but Wuerl took the ascent of Pope Francis to mean that liberalism is now the reigning orthodoxy in the global Church. He has likened conservative “dissenters” among his “brother bishops” to Cardinal Louis Billot, who resigned his office in 1927 after Pope Pius XI condemned the reactionary movement Action Française. In March, Wuerl told the Jesuits’ America magazine: “There are some whom I think just feel very uncomfortable; everything was quite secure and safe and now that’s being challenged.”
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Pray for your enemies.

The Fading Shadow of the Habsburgs

This photo of Burggarten
is courtesy of TripAdvisor
A beautiful and melancholy article I ran across from 2011, HT Eve Tushnet
For centuries the Habsburgs cast a gigantic shadow over a large part of Europe. Their empire ended cataclysmically in 1918. The shadow lingered for some decades after that, slowly fading under the blows of later cataclysms. Perhaps the time has now arrived when the shadow will disappear completely. Otto von Habsburg was the eldest son of Charles I, the last emperor of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Otto died on July 4, 2011, aged 98, in Poecking, Bavaria. If the monarchy had survived, he would have succeeded to the throne after his father. I read about his death in both The New York Times and The Boston Globe. The latter paper had picked up the news from the Associated Press, and I assume that other American newspaper carried it. I doubt whether many readers in this country, or for that matter in Europe, were moved by it. I was. It seemed to me like the silence that follows the very last note of a powerful piece of music which probably will never be played again. It is a silence that invites reflection.

Once a Colombian cop, priest named administrator of two Racine-area churches

On June 18, Rev. Yamid Blanco was assigned to be the adminstrator at St. Paul the Apostle and St. Louis Catholic churches in Mount Pleasant and Caledonia, respectively.

Twenty years before that, Blanco found himself in quite different circumstances.

After graduating high school, Blanco joined the police force in his native Colombia with the country besieged by conflict and violence. As a young and single officer, he was often sent to the most unstable areas in rural parts of the country, where gunfights were not uncommon.

“I was in dangerous situations many different times,” Blanco said. “It was scary.

“Because of that, I made the decision to leave. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would be alive at this time.”
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StarTrib: Politics at Basilica Block Party

The Basilica lit up in lavender to oppose
the 2012 MN Marriage Amendment
A higher purpose. The block party is a fundraiser for the Basilica of St. Mary. Over the years, the event has raised $5.8 million to help with the restoration of the basilica and its outreach projects.

No issue. Some years, the Basilica Block Party has been entwined with what's going on in the world. For instance, last year's event took place right after Philando Castile was shot. In 2011, there were protests aimed at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis' support for banning same-sex marriage.

This year there was no overarching topic. But Carlile, a married lesbian, spoke about being proud to be in a state that supports same-sex marriage. And Jaedyn James, a Minneapolis soul singer, delivered a protest song about Castile's killing. Afterward she said, "I wish I never had to write that song." [One of these things is not like the other]

Something about mammon.

Oldest Polish church in America nearing completion of restoration work

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, dedicated to the Polish martyr and saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów, is the oldest Polish church in America.

Although Poles had been trickling into the south side of Milwaukee for several years, it was not until 1866 that they were numerous enough to organize a Roman Catholic parish. Thirty families bought a small brick church, formerly owned by Lutherans, and dedicated it to St. Stanislaus. They had come to the city to escape religious perception in Poland, and made many sacrifices to establish their own place of worship.

Like many historic churches, Saint Stanislaus suffered from the misguided trend of the 1960s to transform its classic architecture into a modern style. Ironically, recent church restoration projects in Milwaukee over the past few years have sought to undo those changes.

In the case of Saint Stanislaus, many of its beautiful features were obliterated during its remodeling in 1966 as the parish prepared for its 100th year anniversary and changes in the liturgy. The beautiful altar rail was removed and the sanctuary became radically altered.
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Pope Benedict on Jacob and the Angel

Today's reading on Jacob wrestling with God had me reading up a bit.  I found this extremely helpful...... remember when Wednesday Audiences read like this:
Night is the favourable time for acting secretly, the best time, therefore, for Jacob to enter his brother’s territory unseen, perhaps thinking to take Esau by surprise. It is he, however, who is surprised by an unforeseen attack, one for which he was unprepared. Having used his cleverness to try to escape a dangerous situation, he thought he had managed to have everything under control; instead he now finds himself forced to enter a mysterious struggle that catches him alone and gives him no opportunity to organize a proper defence. Unarmed, in the night, the Patriarch Jacob wrestles with someone. The text does not specify the identity of the aggressor; it uses a Hebrew word that indicates “a man” in a generic sense, “one, someone”; it is, therefore, a vague, indeterminate definition that purposely keeps the assailant shrouded in mystery. It is dark, Jacob does not manage to see his opponent clearly, and even for the reader, for us, he remains anonymous; someone is opposing the Patriarch, and this is the only certain data supplied by the narrator. Only at the end, when the wrestling is over and that “someone” will have disappeared, only then will Jacob name him and be able to say that he had wrestled with God.

Bp. Athanasius Schneider to celebrate Pontifical Mass at La Crosse Guadalupe Shrine Oct 24

FYI, this is a Tuesday.  I suspect it will be in the evening but this is a "Save the Date" announcement, so details will be forthcoming.