JS: Menasha priest found not guilty of sexual abuse of a child in church trial

A Menasha priest accused in 2010 of sexually abusing a minor has been found not guilty through canonical judicial proceedings.

Father Paul Radetski had been placed on administrative leave from his duties at St. John’s, St. Mary’s and St. Patrick parishes in Menasha after civil authorities were alerted to what were said by the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay at the time to be credible allegations.

“Father has been granted senior priest status, and his restrictions from exercising public priestly ministry have been lifted,” a Saturday press release from the diocese states. “He will serve the diocese in a limited capacity in his senior priest status.”
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Barbara Blaine, founder of abuse victims group SNAP, dies

Barbara Blaine, the founder and former president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, has died. She was 61.

The organization known as SNAP announced on its Facebook page that Blaine died Sunday following a recent cardiac event.
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LseTrib: Pilgrims flock to Padre Pio relics in La Crosse for prayer, healing

They came by the hundreds, by the busloads and by the carloads — pilgrims traveled hundreds of miles from at least five states to view and honor relics of St. Padre Pio Wednesday at St. Joseph the Workman in La Crosse.

At the rate of 500 an hour, they started lining up outside the cathedral at a pace that promised to far surpass the 2,000 minimum turnout that officials of the La Crosse Diocese expected and up to 4,000 possible.

A really good writeup, and Bp. Callahan with some excellent comments explaining and commending the devotion to saints. 

Padre Pio in La Crosse

They are moving through the probably ten of thousands of people pretty quickly, a few seconds with Padre, no photo close ups, gotta stand back.  The lady in front of me was hanging out for a while so never got a good shot at the front.  Great work to all the organizers!

Traditional Regalia for the KCs, right on!

AOTM Oktoberfest Smoker: Ferrara "Fatima After 100 Years" - 10 Oct

Tickets available online

Adoremus Bulletin interviews Daniel Mitsui

Daniel Mitsui is an artist on the move—although for a while it felt like he was stuck between things, a situation less than ideal for a Catholic artist who depends on the permanent and eternal to make his living.

Last May, when Mitsui spoke with Adoremus, his living room was full of moving boxes stacked against the wall. Apologetic for the clutter, Mitsui’s wife Michelle explained that they had never quite moved in because they were already preparing to move out. With their four children, the Mitsuis were renting a two-story house tucked behind downtown Des Plaines, IL. From this temporary in-between place, the Mitsuis were hoping to find more permanent digs outside Chicago’s suburbs.
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La Crosse Diocese men's conference in Chippewa Falls 28 Oct

Take a Lienies tour while you're there!

Pro-Life Wisconsin welcomes former NFL player Matt Birk to Love for Life Gala 14 Oct

via Pro-Life Wisconsin

This year at the Love for Life Gala, we are welcoming Matt Birk as our guest speaker. Matt is a former Ravens player and NFL Super Bowl Champion. But, more importantly, Matt is a father to seven beautiful children and a strong pro-lifer.

In this interview conducted by LifeSiteNews, Matt bravely responds to questions that everyone wants to know the answers to: Why did he turn down President Obama's invitation to the White House? What are his views on marriage? Why do Matt and his family march for life?

Pro-Life Wisconsin is honored to welcome Matt Birk to our Love for Life Gala, as he is a 100%, no exceptions pro-lifer. We're looking forward to hearing more of his story, and we hope you are too!

Watch the full interview here.

To hear more from Matt Birk in person, register for the Gala now!

Loome Theological Booksellers returns to Stillwater MN

Twenty years ago, Christopher Hagen read his way into the Catholic Church through good books. Now he lives and works among them. The owner of Loome Theological Booksellers returned the bookstore to Stillwater this summer and hopes the Main Street location will draw new customers and lead them to the faith.

Yes!  Good news(I mean, the farm thing was ok but I think way better in town)

Cardinal Sarah: Young traditionalist 'are neither nostalgic nor embittered nor encumbered by the ecclesiastical battles of recent decades'

"Some, if not many, people, call you ‘traditionalists’. Sometimes you even call yourselves ‘traditional Catholics’ or hyphenate yourselves in a similar way. Please do this no longer.

"You do not belong in a box on the shelf or in a museum of curiosities. You are not traditionalists: you are Catholics of the Roman rite as am I and as is the Holy Father.

"You are not second-class or somehow peculiar members of the Catholic Church because of your life of worship and your spiritual practices, which were those of innumerable saints.

“You are called by God, as is every baptised person, to take your full place in the life and mission of the Church in the world of today, not to be shut up in—or worse, to retreat into—a ghetto in which defensiveness and introspection reign and stifle the Christian witness and mission to the world you too are called to give.”
UK Catholic Herald


A Primer for a Tradition-Minded Celebration of the OF Mass

Our thanks to Fr Richard Cipolla of St Mary’s Church in Norwalk, Connecticut, for sharing this article with our readers.


For Priests who wish to use Mutual Enrichment to inject Tradition into the Novus Ordo Rite 
If you are a priest of the Roman Rite, as of ten years ago today, you are officially “bi-formal”; you have almost completely free access to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, as we now call it, in addition to the Ordinary Form.

Despite his shy and retiring character, Pope Benedict XVI braved a great deal of criticism, much of it very nasty, all of it completely unnecessary, to give you this gift, after devoting so much of his work to consideration of the Catholic Church’s liturgy problem.
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This is very good.  Number 16 is something I think about all the time.

THE CANON should be said audibly but quietly. God does not have to be shouted at, especially during this most sacred prayer of the Mass.


St. Mary's University in Winona MN hosts "Meaning and Purpose in Medicine" Oct 6-7


An aside, I heard that St. Mary's is cut their theology major or something like that, or that there are major cuts being made to theology and philosophy.  If their one time chancellor goes on Fox News to support womenpriests, I can see why theology would be seen as non-important.

First Things: Holy Routine - The Mystery of Repetition

This year marks the three hundredth birthday of one of the most influential art scholars ever to have lived. Johann Joachim Winckelmann, born in 1717 in the town of Stendal, was one of those intellects whose work created a new age, a new taste, a new way of seeing. After the death of such men, the world no longer looks the way they found it; they equipped their contemporaries with new eyes. Winckelmann’s influence cannot be over-estimated; it endures to the present day. Without Winckelmann, who sang the praises of ancient Greek art and extolled the white marble of its statues—unaware that, of old, they were painted in rich colors—not only should we have had no Classicism; we should have had no Bauhaus either. Certain principles of Winckelmann’s taste, which rejected not only the Baroque and Mannerism, but also medieval art, are still current, particularly among people who have never heard of him. Powerful influences are absorbed by a kind of osmosis. Though it is highly improbable that those who drew up the Conciliar Constitution Sacrosanctum concilium had read Winckelmann, they were nonetheless educated people and were acquainted with many things beyond the fields of theology and liturgy. When we read the beginning of paragraph 34 of this Constitution, “The rites should bear the mark of noble simplicity,” it is impossible not to think of one of the key sentences of Winckelmann’s “Thoughts on the imitation of Greek works in painting and sculpture,” written in 1755: “The pre-eminent, universal note of the Greek masterpieces is a noble simplicity and a silent greatness.” Although Winckelmann had become a Catholic and assisted a Roman cardinal in acquiring works of art, he would no doubt have been taken aback had he known that his principles would be adopted into an official document on the Church’s liturgy. Indeed, we may well ask whether this influence was altogether felicitous. Though it may be true that, in the field of aesthetics, any error as to historical fact can be justified before a higher court insofar as it produces artistic fruit—and Winckelmann’s errors certainly bore fruit in abundance—in the field of liturgy, closely related to art though it is, the situation may be otherwise.

Prayer request for a dying friend

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High,
and abides in the shade of the Almighty,
says to the LORD, “My refuge,
my stronghold, my God in whom I trust!”

Today the Church celebrates the Charge of the Rohirrim

Foley does not mention bagels, but according to legend, they also commemorate the victory at the Battle of Vienna. According to some sources, the word "bagel" comes from the German word for "stirrup". A Jewish baker created them to honor the Polish prince Jan Sobieski, whose cavalry charge of 20,000 horses downhill saved the day. It is more likely that the stirrup-shaped bagels simply commemorate the Polish cavalry charge--after all, it was the largest cavalry charge in history. It included the famous Polish winged hussars--heavy cavalry riders who wore wings behind them and wore lion and leopard skins on their horses. The wings--which were tied at the top--prevented enemies from lassoing the rider and pulling him off his horse. The feathers made a rushing sound that terrified enemy horses that were not used to the sound--the lion and leopard skins may have had similar effects. The winged hussars were very effective. Witnesses said that they looked like angels on horseback.
Some people speculate that the Polish cavalry charge that lifted the siege of Vienna was the inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien's cavalry charge of the Rohirrim that lifted the siege of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings.
Tea at Trianon

Reminder: Padre Pio’s relics to stop in Wisconsin: La Crosse 20 Sept; Milwaukee 21 Sept

A glove and blood-stained cotton gauze are among the relics of St. Pio of Pietrelcina — better known as “Padre Pio” — that will be on display Sept. 20 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Sept. 21 in Milwaukee.

The relics have been on tour in the United States and will be traveling to 11 dioceses this fall. The relics will not be stopping in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

They will be on display 9 a.m.–7 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman in La Crosse and 9 a.m. –9 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee.

Also displayed for veneration will be “crusts” from St. Pio’s wounds, a lock of his hair, his mantle and a handkerchief that was soaked with his sweat hours before he died in 1968.
The Catholic Spirit

Details on the La Crosse stop here: http://diolc.org/relics/ (Tip: parking in the public downtown ramps is free for three hours, that will be your best bet)

Details on the Milwaukee stop here: http://www.stjohncathedral.org (halfway down the page)

A Wisconsin Dairy Queen Owner Posted This 'Politically Incorrect' Sign. It's Creating A LOT Of Buzz.

Despite hanging without a hitch (or a complaint) for nearly four years, the sign recently became national news after an out-of-town customer became triggered by the "politically incorrect" message and posted a snapshot and a complaint to the offical Dairy Queen Facebook.

"I find this extremely offensive," whined an Oregon woman who goes by the name Ashley Coleman on Facebook. "Please speak with the franchise owner," she added.