FSCC accepts three new novices this June

On Trinity Sunday, June 11, 2017, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed three Novices: Sister Colleen, Sister Clare Rose (Tricia) and Sister Cecelia Joy (Megan). The Community celebrated the Rite of Initiation into Religious Life in St. Mary Chapel. Novice Directress Sister Mariadele Jacobs is responsible for teaching the Novices the essentials of Religious Life and providing experiences to learn the spirit and life of our Congregation. Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie addressed the Novices and our Community of Sisters at this awesome occasion.
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As Minnesota congregations become more diverse, churches struggle to find Latino clergy

Twenty-six years ago, when Jacqueline Belzer immigrated to the United States, there were only two churches in the Twin Cities that served Catholics who wanted to worship in Spanish.

Back then, the Mexico native used to split her time between Minneapolis and St. Paul, serving immigrant and minority communities as a social justice organizer with the faith-based organizing coalition ISAIAH.

At the time, thousands of Latino immigrants were streaming into the state in search of better economic opportunities, and the first Spanish-language congregations in the Twin Cities — Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in west St. Paul and Ascension Catholic Church in north Minneapolis — were struggling to accommodate the influx of people, most of whom were practicing Catholics who didn’t speak English.

In collaboration with the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Belzer and other leaders in the community organized programs that trained Spanish-speaking parishioners as lay leaders, people who then branched out to other churches. As a result, in recent decades the community has grown from having two Catholic churches in the Twin Cities featuring Spanish-speaking ministries to 22. Today, those parishes serve more than 25,000 worshippers each week.
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Bishop Paprocki issues decree "Regarding Same Sex Marriage and Related Pastoral Issues"

New Ways Ministry, an ecclesiastical lobbying group for changing the Church's teaching on human sexuality, obtained a copy of a newly released guidelines for the Diocese of Springfield IL. I'm not familiar if Fr. James Martin, SJ has a formal role with this lobbying group, but that is who I first saw post it.  He jumped to some erroneous conclusions as has been his habit as of late.  I would be surprised if most dioceses did not have a policy in place regarding these issues and probably varies to some degree on how to handle sensitive pastoral questions.  Here is the leaked policy.

Friends of Calvary Cemetery work to save a Milwaukee treasure - stunning photos

“Calvary Cemetery has been a jewel in Milwaukee’s landscape since 1857. As the final home of such local luminaries as Solomon Juneau, Frederick Miller, and Patrick Cudahy, the cemetery contains a virtual Who Was Who of Catholic Milwaukee. Its crowning glory is a hilltop chapel designed by Erhard Brielmaier, the same architect responsible for St. Josaphat’s Basilica. As the winters take their toll and archdiocesan resources are channeled to other needs, it is vital for community members to step forward and help preserve this treasure in our midst.”

– John Gurda, Author and Milwaukee Historian

Wisconsin diocesan ordinations, Green Bay ordains five men in July

Diocese of La Crosse ordains three

Diocese of Madison ordains three

Diocese of Superior ordains one
- and check out this fantastic registry of ordinations by year, every diocese should have one of these to help the laity understand the current dynamic/crisis in vocations.

Diocese of Green Bay ordains twofive in July

Archdiocese of Milwaukee ordains zero I think *one in July

Truly modern Muslims

This review by Thomas Small, at The Times Literary Supplement, includes the following on the contrast between the language of What Is Islam, by Shahab Ahmed, and Islam: The essentials, by Tariq Ramadan.
"moving from Ahmed's book to Ramadan’s induces whiplash. Ahmed, twisting the English language into something that will express his vision of mature Islam, defending hierarchy, paradox, cumulative tradition; Ramadan, twisting Islam into something that will suit the language of progressive politics, egalitarian, morally consistent, accommodating the demands of our therapeutic age. That will not be to everyone’s taste; it reminds me of the sort of wishy-washy sermons you hear from liberal Christian preachers, where everything that might offend the sensibilities of a twenty-first-century progressive has been bleached out."

St. Mary's in Wausau hosts Summorum Pontificum anniversary Mass, Theology on Tap July 7th

Update: Sorry I originally fat fingered the title and put July 9th. It is July 7th like the flyer says.

This is a great idea!  A Theology on Tap on the Extraordinary Form after Mass!

Holy Hill friars "have already invited every U.S. Open contestant to attend one of several extra Masses"

Holy Hill, a castlelike Catholic basilica and shrine 3 miles from Erin Hills, is visible from 13 holes.

The 15 priests of Holy Hill, who are called friars, have already invited every U.S. Open contestant to attend one of several extra Masses scheduled to take place in their neo-Romanesque church during the event. The players can also roam the idyllic property, set on a 1,340-foot hill that was first considered a sacred site in the mid-1800s.

Asked in a recent phone interview if there was a particularly appropriate blessing for a player about to face golf's greatest crucible, one of the friars, Father Don Brick, replied, "Probably the serenity prayer."

Father Michael Berry, Holy Hill's head friar, added that he would be happy to bless golf clubs for anyone in the field.

I looked on their website but I didn't see any schedule published, but would be awesome to see a Corpus Christi procession in the backdrop of the US Open.

Also WTMJ: Holy Hill provides picturesque backdrop for the 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills

New York Times: For Golfers Who Curse Their Play at the U.S. Open, There’s Holy Hill

Holy Hill, a Catholic basilica, overlooks Erin Hills, the golf course that will host the United States Open starting Thursday. 
Every golfer who stands on the 18th tee at Erin Hills during this year’s United States Open will need faith and hope. Perhaps even spiritual inspiration and divine intervention.

All eyes will turn toward Holy Hill, a castle-like Catholic basilica and shrine looming on the horizon of the event’s final hole as if floating in the clouds. Built on the highest point in southeastern Wisconsin, the nearly century-old Holy Hill church in Hubertus has twin spires that are an aiming point for golfers, beckoning well-struck drives to safe passage on the home hole.

But then, this is golf, where broken commandments — cursing, lying on a scorecard, failing to honor the Sabbath — are as common as bogeys. Indeed, there is probably a deep connection between bogeys and broken commandments.
"There are parallels between the experience on the golf course and what brings people to the shrine,” Father Michael said. “There is the whole struggle with pride and having to be humbled time and time again, and yet believing that you have the means to keep going.”

The friars noticed that the players at the 2011 Amateur tended to come to Mass before they played.

And they went to confession after their rounds.

What did they confess to?

It’s golf. You can imagine.
full article at The New York Times

Wow, a really great article!

Bp. Cozzens offers Pontifical High Mass and Confirmation at St Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis

Here are a few photos from last nights beautiful Confirmation and Mass in our Archdiocese. Last night it was very encouraging to see so much effort put forward by so many for the traditional liturgy.

Confirmations in the Traditional Rite followed by a Pontifical High Mass at the Faldstool took place June 7th, 2017, at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, MN celebrated by the Most Reverend Andrew Cozzens. The music, featuring Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli, was provided by the Chorus Omnium Sanctorum. Confirmands from five area parishes participated and nearly 700 were in attendance.
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Absolutely stunning photo.  Cdl. Burke was at one point scheduled to offer a pontifical at the basilica but it was cancelled at the last minute.  This is the first Bp. Cozzens Pontifical Mass I've heard of, not sure if it's actually his first.  I suspect so.  I lost the card of the Una Voce of St Paul & Minneapolis member I met at AOTM last month.... maybe St. Anthony can find that for me so I can follow up with him. I've heard the FSSP parish in Minneapolis is doing quite well.

Carmelite Monastery in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

via Orbis
A beautiful place to visit! The little gift shop is very nice. The monks have big dreams to complete the construction of their new monastery.

Please give generously - this is a worthy cause - so that this monastery may be completed in a timely fashion.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us!


JS: Milwaukee Archdiocese steps in to bury artist who died indigent and in isolation

Timothy Decker, once a successful wire sculptor who died indigent in Milwaukee County after living in the shadows of near isolation, was buried in bright sunshine Friday at Holy Cross Cemetery.

"This beautiful day reminds us of the dignity of human life," Father Tim Kitzke said during a graveside service just several yards from the fast-paced traffic on W. Appleton Ave.

A hearse delivered Decker's body to the gravesite following a slow procession through the cemetery. Several members of St. James Episcopal Church in Milwaukee were there to offer prayers and ensure Decker was not buried in obscurity.

"Everyone should be respected and loved, especially people who fall through the cracks" of society, Kitzke said in an interview before the service. He is vicar for urban ministry with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
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Gone Fishin'

Sconnie Nuns Fishing

I've got so many pans in so many fires.  I'm leaving them all unattended to go enjoy the beauty that is Wisconsin for a bit.  Some folks don't have 15,000 lakes to choose from to take a fishing trip, those poor souls.

Cardinal Newman Society interviews John McAdams over ongoing legal battle wth Marquette U

The Newman Society: What would you say is the state of Marquette’s Catholic identity?

McAdams: It’s little more than a marketing ploy.

You can find online the religious views of freshmen coming in. I think it’s still the case that a majority are Catholic, although not all of them.

There’s nothing wrong with a non-Catholic attending a Catholic university, but that’s relevant because the average freshman coming in is going to have more Catholics as cohorts than they would at a state-run university today. On the other hand, not all Catholics are particularly serious Catholics, just as not all Protestants are particularly serious Protestants.

But if you look at the institution itself, anytime secular political correctness conflicts with Catholic teaching, they go with secular political correctness. [Bingo]

…The bureaucracy is shot through with political correctness. There are tons of bureaucrats that have “multicultural” or “diversity” or “inclusion” in their titles, and they’re all committed to bringing politically correct speakers to campus, punishing people for politically incorrect speech.
full interview at Cardinal Newman Society

Reader feedback request: Seeking good parish near the Wausau/WisconsinRapids/StevensPoint area of the state

Dear Badger Catholic, Duke of La Crosse,

I've recently purchased a home near Mosinee, WI which is sort of in that beer flavored gooey center of the state near the Wausau/WisconsinRapids/StevensPoint area.  My point in emailing you is to survey your knowledge and your readers. What is the best close parish?

Here is what I know. ICKSP is in Wausau, less than 30 minutes away. SP is a heterodox jungle. WI Rapids is also less than 30 minutes away, and I've heard a good parish exists there but they are getting a new pastor. Their is a decent priest in Polonia, which isn't very far; I forget the name.

Finding a good parish is a painful thing for a young family, many thanks for any assistance.
I'd love to get some comments for this one as I have fewer spies in the great heart of Wisconsin.  Sts. Peter and Paul is as good a parish as you will find, the new pastor is fantastic, but yeah it will be sort of a round about drive.  Also, like you said the ICKSP is in Wausau so that's a great option and it's going to be pretty close.  I'm not aware of any decent diocesan parishes in Wausau itself.  Your really not too far from Marshfield either, St. John the Baptist is pretty good there, the interior is top notch ... would be a perfect spot for a little ad orientem... cough.

Readers feedback appreciated!

Corpus Christi at St Stanislaus in Milwaukee

Maid of Orleans, ora pro nobis!

Craig Franck

E. Lenepveu

Oh and her chapel? Don't worry, we've got that here in Wisconsin.

St Joan of Arc Chapel - Marquette University