Hundreds Expected to Make 21-Mile Walk to Mary Pilgrimage to Champion Shrine for Opening Weekend of Marian Month

Relevant Radio’s Father Rocky to Live-Stream Walk to Mary and May Crowning Masses, May 5 and 6

At the opening of the month in which Catholics worldwide celebrate the Blessed Mother, Mary, hundreds of faithful pilgrims are expected to take the “Walk to Mary” on May 5. They’ll journey together to The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wis, where the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared in 1859 to Adele Brise, a young Belgian immigrant who became the first steward of the Blessed Mother’s message and mission. Walk to Mary is the first of two major weekend events that open Marian Month at Champion Shrine.

Walk to Mary is a 21-mile walking pilgrimage from the Shrine of St. Joseph at Old St. Joseph Church at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wis. Other shorter routes, including a two mile walking route for families and children, are available to those who wish to participate in the Walk. Registration for the day-long event closes May 4 at

All are welcome to attend Walk to Mary, the Walk to Mary Mass with the Most Rev. David L. Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay and May Crowning Mass with Father Rocky. For those who wish to participate in the Masses remotely throughout the world, both Marian Month Masses at 5:15 p.m. (CST) on Saturday and 11 a.m. (CST) on Sunday will be streamed live on the official Father Rocky Facebook page.

Bishop Hying: Remembering Cardinal George

Note: Cardinal Francis George of Chicago died three years ago today. At that time, Bishop Donald Hying wrote a personal reflection on his life for Cream City Catholic. We thought it’d be a good time to repost it.

The death of Cardinal George marks a deep loss for the Catholic Church in the United States. His combination of a keen intellect, deep humility, profound interior life and joyful generosity made him a leader that we could always look to for insight and inspiration. I had met Cardinal George several times tangentially—at airports, special Masses and even once stuck in a prolonged traffic jam on an Indiana freeway! I got to know him better when I became a bishop and was blessed to interact with him at Bishops Conference meetings, retreats and the 2012 Ad Limina visit to Rome.
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Photo: Chicago Tribune

Diocese of La Crosse puts employee pension plan termination on hold


Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear case on Marquette professor's suspension

Marie Rohde wrote at the National Catholic Reporter.
"The Wisconsin Supreme Court will soon decide a case involving the effective firing of a Marquette University professor [John McAcams] who wrote in his personal blog [Marquette Warrior] about a confrontation between an undergraduate and a teaching assistant who refused to allow a classroom discussion of same-sex marriage that she considered homophobic."
Argument before the Wisconsin Supreme Court is scheduled for tomorrow, April 19th, beginning at 1:30pm.
"Lawyers and supporters of McAdams say the university violated his academic freedom and first amendment rights.

"Marquette and its supporters counter that academic freedom and free speech have nothing to do with McAdams' discipline. ... McAdams used the blog 'in order to expose her ([teaching assistant Cheryl] Abbate) to negative comments from readers of his blog' and then sent it to supporters, talk show hosts and other media outlets around the country.

"Lawyers for McAdams say he did not post Abbate's contact information but merely linked to her blog. He does not deny naming her."
The court's current term ends July 31st so opinion(s) in the case should be issued by then.

Atheists debate Catholics on charity, human rights in annual debate

University of Wisconsin Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics and Badger Catholic debated the purpose of wealth and where rights are derived from through the differing prisms of Christianity and secularism Wednesday night in their annual debate.

Ben Adams and Melissa Lyman represented AHA and Geoffrey Ludvik and Tom Dobbins represented BC. Wisconsin Union Directorate Society and Politics moderated the debate.
Dobbins, however, argued that people’s rights in society comes from natural law, the idea that certain rights are inherently good or bad. Natural law allows the right to pursue the common good and allows one’s own flourishing.
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Thomas Loome, who sold rare books in Stillwater, dies

Thomas Loome got his start in the secondhand book business while working on his doctorate in theology in Germany.

Loome, the former owner of Loome Theological Booksellers and Loome’s Antiquarian Booksellers in downtown Stillwater, traveled throughout Europe in the late 1960s and 1970s, searching for books he needed for his research. He learned so much about antique and secondhand books that famed bookseller Richard Booth, of Hay-on-Wye, Wales, hired him after Loome pointed out he wasn’t charging enough for certain editions, said Karen Loome, Thomas Loome’s wife.

“He asked Tom if he had ever made a mistake pricing books … and asked for an example,” she said. “Tom actually had a book in his hand, and he said, ‘Well, for example, this one.’ It was priced at, I don’t know, 5 pounds, and it was worth hundreds of pounds, and then Richard said, ‘Well, would you work with me?’”

Loome died March 31 at Croixdale Senior Living in Bayport as a result of complications related to Parkinson’s disease. He was 83.
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Requiescat in pace.

Iowa Senate refused to confirm a Catholic mother of six, to Iowa Board of Medicine

This is so very 2018. This is what the Reign of Gay looks like:

The Iowa Senate refused to confirm a Nevada woman to the Iowa Board of Medicine Wednesday because of comments she wrote last August on a Catholic online forum critics said were “red flags” on LGBTQ issues.

The appointee is Katherine Asjes and the “online forum” is Catholic World Report. Asjes had been named by Gov. Kim Reynolds to the Iowa Board of Medicine, but she had be to confirmed by the 49-member Iowa Senate. Asjes is the mother of six, the wife of a military veteran, a conservative Republican, and a practicing Catholic. She needed a two-thirds majority, but failed to get it as 18 Democrats voted against her.
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Diocese of Green Bay seeking Director of Advancement for Catholic Schools

This position facilitates the growth of Catholic school faith communities by organizing, directing and coordinating marketing, enrollment and training services that support the mission of the Office of Catholic Schools at the local elementary and secondary schools. The Director of Advancement for Catholic Schools is responsible to carry out the assigned general duties as needed to implement the Catholic philosophy, goals, and objectives of the Office of Catholic Schools in the service of Catholic education. Specifically, this position assists the Superintendent in providing leadership, training and support for the elementary schools, high schools and school systems in local/regional advancement, including marketing, enrollment management and development. Director of Advancement for Catholic Schools will assist with the implement the Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Advancement recommendations in Disciples on the Way: Strategic and Mission Plan for Catholic Schools.

“Embrace the mission and vision of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay and work in accordance with Catholic Social Teachings and the moral and ethical values of the Catholic Church.”
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Wisconsin Way pilgrimage offers scenery, peace, prayer

Wendy Zeuli of Our Lady of Grace in Edina last year came up with a new way to celebrate Mother’s Day — go on a pilgrimage with her daughter, Katie.

Wendy chose a newer pilgrimage called the Wisconsin Way, which begins 16 miles northeast of Green Bay in Champion, at a Marian shrine called Our Lady of Good Help, and winds its way south 130 miles through rural terrain to the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians at Holy Hill near Milwaukee.

She had met the priest who created it, Father Andrew Kurz, when he was giving a presentation to American pilgrims who had walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, which Wendy did in 2015.

“I loved walking the Camino de Santiago, so I just thought I need to do this here,” said Wendy, 59. “I just love the idea that there is a pilgrimage … so close to us in Wisconsin.”
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Woman, 32, arrested for making threats that led to lockdown at St. Margaret Mary School in Milwaukee

A woman, 32, was arrested for making threats that led to a lockdown at St. Margaret Mary School in Milwaukee.

The lockdown happened Monday, April 9 at 92nd and Capitol.

According to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the school went into a “soft lockdown” after the threat was discovered.

The specifics aren’t being released, but we’re told at no time were students in danger.

Newspapers compelled to offer corrections after Marquette offers erroneous information in McAdams case

It just appeared on the Washington Times website (and many other places, doubtless): a story about our suit against Marquette University from the Associated Press.

As has happened before, the reporter (Ivan Moreno) appears to have accepted at face value claims made by Marquette, and pretty much blown off statements from our lawyer (Rick Esenberg) whom Moreno talked to, but apparently paid little attention to.


In fact, Abbate received no threats, as she admitted on her personal blog [Whoops!]
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TLM at Immaculate Conception in Cedar Rapids, IA April 17th

In humiliating fashion, Marquette University defends hosting "Pride Prom"

Two of the most dodgy words in contemporary religious discourse are “fundamentalism” and “dialogue”. They don’t mean what they seem to mean; in fact, they are often used as a way to gain power.

To explain what I mean, consider that Marquette University, a Jesuit university, is holding a “Pride Prom” this weekend. When some outside the university angrily questioned what a Catholic university is doing sponsoring an LGBT dance, a university spokesman responded:

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Can you imagine having to embrace this soft nihilism and come up with statements like this?   And then they feel so strongly about it, they refuse requests for interviews on the topic. LOL! 

There's a whole lot of room for a faithful Catholic university in the upper midwest.  If you build it, they will come. 

La Crosse Viterbo University eliminates several undergraduate programs

This email was sent out to Viterbo employees 

Members of the Viterbo Community:

Earlier this morning I notified people in individual academic programs about the decisions reached regarding academic programs that have undergone sustainability reviews over the last several months. 

The decisions were very difficult, as all of our programs bring gifts to our campus in many diverse ways.

As a reminder, all current students will be able to complete their major at Viterbo even if their program was identified for closure.  In addition, we are accepting new students into all the programs for the Fall 2018 semester, regardless of the closure decision.  However, current and prospective students will likely have questions so advisors from the Center for Student Success and the Academic Resource Center will be contacting current students in the majors individually and the Admissions office will contact prospective students individually.  I know faculty, staff and administrators will all offer support to students who are concerned about what these decisions mean to them.  This is who we are as a community. 

As a result of the program review process the following traditional undergraduate programs will close:
·         Art Education (B. AED)
·         Studio Art (BFA and BA)
·         Environmental Biology (BS) – though this may be delayed until 2019
·         Sport Science and Leadership (BS)
·         Chemistry (BS)
·         Liberal Studies (BLS)
·         Philosophy (BA and BS)
·         History (BA)
·         Broad Field Social Studies (BS) 

Cardinal Dolan called Paul Ryan to convince him to take Speaker of the House position

Never in the modern era, and perhaps not in American history, has someone been dragged kicking and screaming into the most powerful position in Congress. It took weeks of frantic phone calls—from McCarthy, Priebus, Boehner, Mitt Romney, even Cardinal Timothy Dolan—to talk him into it, and even then he was reluctant.

In interview, outgoing House Speaker Ryan says he doesn't see himself ever running again

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview Wednesday he doesn’t expect to ever run for political office again.

“I really don’t,” the Janesville Republican said.

“I always sort of thought when I took this job, this would be the last elected office I’d have, which I’m fine with,” Ryan said after announcing his decision to retire from Congress this January, ending a 20-year career in Washington.

“I never thought of myself as a lifer in politics, let alone a lifer in Congress. And so I really don’t know what I’ll do next,” said Ryan, who spoke at length with the Journal Sentinel and reporters from three other news organizations.

“I wouldn’t mind being ambassador to Ireland in my 60s,” joked Ryan, who is 48.
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5 Big, Fat Lies Free Speech Opponents Love

4. Speakers Are Responsible for Listeners’ Actions

What happens if some irresponsible speaker says something awful and people react by attacking or harassing the target of the speech? We saw an example of this in the case of professor John McAdams, who was fired from Marquette University for criticizing a graduate student instructor who told a student anti-gay-marriage sentiments could not be spoken of in class.

McAdams wrote a blog post defending the student’s right to express his beliefs. As a result, some people attacked the instructor, some with threats. So is McAdams responsible for every idiot who makes a threat based on a clear example of shutting down conservative speech? Is Black Lives Matter responsible for NewYork police officers killed by a lunatic apparently motivated by their rhetoric? No and No.
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Theology on Tap in Madison April 26th - Tapping Into the Spirit of the Mass

Do you want to know how to pray like a saint? How to imbibe the Spirit at the Mass? How to join with the Word in the praise of the Father? Come listen to The Liturgy Guys record a live podcast at Theology on Tap. These three gentlemen form The Liturgical Institute will discuss three of the most important theological Truths of the Mass and offer practical tips to tap deeply into the stream of divine grace. “Let us joyfully taste the sober drunkenness of the Spirit.” — Romano Guardini
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St. Mary's Wausau Organ Concert April 29