TLM at Pine Bluff for Ascension ->Thursday<-

There will be a Sung Mass on Thursday, 5/25 at 6:00pm at St Mary’s Pine Bluff for Ascension Thursday.

This important day in the liturgical year features the extinguishing of the Paschal Candle, as we commemorate Our Lord’s ascent into heaven 40 days after His Resurrection.

Question, so does this mean that Bishop Morlino gives a dispensation from the tyranny of Ascension Thursday Sunday, or since it is as TLM we are simply permitted to follow the Old Calendar?  I was musing the other day if it were possible to request from a bishop for an individual parish to be dispensed from the tyranny of Ascension Thursday Sunday for the Ordinary Form.

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  1. The Monastery of the Holy Cross in Chicago celebrates the Ascension on its proper day.


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